UpSailing in the International EVBB Conference 2022 in Athens

The Project was exhibited at the recent EVBB International Conference: “Climate Crisis & the Role of VET” which took place in Athens on 20th-22nd of October 2022 and was hosted by AKMI International.

 The UpSailing project, which set sail in February 2022, focuses on the promotion of a Greener Maritime/Shipping sector through the development of the respective skills among the future and current employees as well as through awareness-raising among shipowners and other maritime/shipping stakeholders and policymakers.

The ultimate objective of the project is to contribute to the achievement of the common goals that have been set as part of the European Green Deal which plan for a climate-neutral continent by 2050. Maritime sector remains a catalyst for European economy and it is the major actor of global transportation of goods, with over than 80% of world merchandise trade to be carried by sea. Up-Sailing project aspires to illustrate the importance for the maritime/shipping sector to further embrace and advance the development of green skills for a more sustainable and financially viable future in the long term.

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