Launch of the Joint Staff Training Activity “Train the Trainers” – JSTA DAY 1 (29/05/2024)

The Upsailing Joint Staff Training Activity (JSTA) launched on Wednesday, 29th May. This activity was conducted virtually and will also be held in Rome, Italy in June.

The main aim of JSTA is to underline the benefits of the new methodology for VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff, under a two-edge process: Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutes that are interested in participating in project activities will introduce the recently developed methodology to their teachers, staff, and participants. The participants in the Joint Staff Training Activity will then share their experiences with their colleagues both within and outside of their VET schools. This will contribute to the dissemination of information about our project.

The primary objective of the first day, which took place on 29 May 2024, was to provide an introduction to the project titled “Green Skills as a future challenge for maritime/shipping industry competitiveness.” The session began with a concise project overview delivered by Lidia Rossi from IMAT, followed by a comprehensive presentation on the New Green Skills Chart by Viktoria Topalidi from AMC.

Lidia Rossi (IMAT) facilitated the presentation of JSTA activities by the participants, where each organisation presented the activities they will be responsible for, after establishing the aim and objectives of the training.

Sadullah Altuntaş, from BK Consult, conducted a Pre-evaluation session to gain a deeper understanding of the participants’ expectations for the JSTA face-to-face days, which will be hosted by Confitarma in Rome on June 4th and 5th, as well as the final JSTA day, which will be conducted online on June 17th.

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